The alternative metal stalwarts sixth album is a triumphant yet bittersweet journey in the wake of tragedy

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After their highly experimental and hedonistically sonic Saturday Night Wrist, which was recorded over a troubling two years for the band, Deftones wanted to bring themselves back to basics and just get together and write a record like a real band. It’s a natural decision when a band gets lost over the course of their career, like The Beatles did when recording Abbey Road and plenty of other bands who decided to cut the shit and give the fans what they want. That album wasn’t called Diamond Eyes though, it was called Eros and it was supposedly written and recorded…

The legendary NYHC band’s follow up to their powerful debut deserves just as much attention and praise

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When the dust had settled after the Cro-Mags’ stellar debut in 1986 the affect of the inner turmoil had begun to take its toll on the highly skilled band. With the loss of Mackie Jayson on drums and lead singer John Joseph the rest of the Age of Quarrel lineup still had its key members. With Petey Hines taking over drums the rest of the band still kicked as much ass as they did on their debut; Parris Mayhew was still a riff machine on the guitar backed up by Doug Holland on rhythm and Harley Flanagan was still a…

The multi-platinum selling rapper died in the hospital on April 9th 2021 after being on life support for a week

Rapper DMX was hospitalized on April 2nd, 2021 after suffering a heart attack, reportedly as a result of an apparent drug overdose. Around noontime on April 9th it was confirmed that the rapper had died in the hospital after being taken off life support.

The rapper known as DMX, legal name Earl Simmons, leaves behind one of the most enduring legacies of any rapper from the 90s and on pop culture at large. DMX and his clique the Ruff Ryders were the reigning champions of the genre at the turn of the century with X’s first five albums debuting at…

The heavy hitter from Yonkers’ follow up to his gigantic debut and second chart topping album in one year

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Hot off the success of his debut album It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot in May of 1998 DMX conquered not only the charts but the sophomore slump… in the same fucking year. Released just seven months after his debut DMX cemented his presence in the hip hop scene after years of toiling in the underground and robbing people just to stay alive. It’s an incredible feat which I don’t believe has been reached by any artist since then and in listening to both of these albums you can see why.

Returning with his cruddy raps about street crime and…

The dogs most successful album sees him at the apex of his career and continues his platinum selling album streak.

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In 1999 DMX was on top of the world. His last two albums, both released in 1998 debuted at the top of the charts, he was starring in movies like Hype Willams’ Belly, received extensive coverage on MTV and his Ruff Ryders label was turning the hip hop world upside down with their videos from artists such as Eve and The LOX. After two highly successful albums it seemed like DMX could go no further… and then there was X.

His third album …And Then There Was X, recorded largely in Miami, Florida became the most successful album of his…

If you like to see bands not taking themselves seriously then “Tortured Whole” is a disgusting good time for you!

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Stop joking about this bands name for a second and get into their outrageous and completely smoked out soundscape for a second. Sanguisugabogg is, as they describe themselves, a “drugged-out, down-tuned death metal” band from Columbus, Ohio who have made quite a name for themselves through their outlandish videos on social media and through the release of their 2019 EP Pornographic Seizures. Their sound is like what Metallica’s St. Anger would have sounded like if it was fed through a sewage runoff and honestly I’m pretty damn cool with that. …

Not a professional ranking just assuring people I do enjoy death metal

Some of these are bands I don’t like at all

I’ve talked a lot of trash about death metal recently and I feel like people will start to believe I hate death metal. I don’t hate death metal, I love it in fact. How could I resist nasty ass guitar riffs, blasphemous lyrics and at times grotesque artworks that offend Christian parents everywhere?

I am in fact very picky with my death metal because I feel it’s a bloated genre. So many bands sound the same and the trend of making clean sounding death metal records, you know the ones where the guitars are just too precise, makes me want…

Three-piece German noise rock band Trigger Cut’s new album serves up a lot of energy and fun to the genre’s landscape

Ralph, Matt and Dan of German noise rock collective Trigger Cut

Trigger Cut is a three piece noise rock/ punk group from Germany who have been playing shows for almost five years now and they released their debut album BUSTER in 2019. They come in with a pretty classic but also exceedingly more energetic sound for a band from the noise genre, they bring some serious heat to their songs and I can imagine a few good mosh pits happening when they kick off a show. Noise rock can always either drone on and be kind of boring (except for Swans, they’ll always be the kings) or it can be absolutely…

We’re all hoping to be able to see live music again and we’re all reminiscing about the last shows we went to. Here’s mine.

Legendary NYHC party band Murphy’s Law

Around this time a year ago we were all given the crushing news that everything was being shut down in compliance with COVID-19 guidelines in order to contain the virus. Restaurants and bars were closed down, shops were closed down, damn near everything was closed up and we were all ordered to remain inside except to work of course.

Going to shows was always more than just a great distraction for me, it was where I loved to let loose and expel any frustrations that were building up in my life from work, school and a somewhat chaotic personal life…

The New York hardcore noise/Industrial hip hop trio’s blistering new track is one of the best hardcore songs I’ve heard in years

New York noise/hardcore punk band Show Me The Body

Show Me The Body already have an established repertoire that I feel is done an injustice by my “watchlist” label but I had to write about them today. Their most recent track “Survival” has to be one of the best mixtures of industrial and hardcore punk since Al Jourgensen and Ministry threw “Stigmata” at us and we all lost our collective shits. What I’m saying is: this track is the only one that’s measured up to the energy burst I was given when I first heard “Stigmata.” …

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