This EP is ass.

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I’m gonna be honest and say I’m still a tumblr user in 2021. I’ve been using it for years and for better or worse it’s been a wild ride on that website for me and I’ll hold on to it for as long as I can. I’ve found a lot of music on tumblr in the near decade I’ve been on the site and I credit it for opening me up to a lot of amazing genres and artists especially in the heavier music realm… that being said there was also some seriously cringeworthy garbage that came from that website.

The inventive and quirky Wisconsin artist’s mix of punk, hip hop and electronica is done away with in favor of straightforward pop punk flair

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KennyHoopla’s how can i rest in peace if i’m buried by a highway?// was one of my favorite releases of last year. It was to me the sound of a highly talented singer and songwriter dancing to the beat of his own drum, boasting a large amount of influences and smashing them all together to hone in on his own sound. It was punk, indie rock and hip hop mixed together but it didn’t sound like all the rappers and R&B artists who took up the same bombastic sound as bands like Paramore and Fall Out Boy played early in…

The Philly shoegaze brainchild of Dominic Palermo capped off 2020 with an expansive album that tinkers with some new influences while retaining their dreamy pop sound

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Nothing aren’t the most innovative band out there, they aren’t breaking down any walls within the shoegaze mansion and they don’t intend to and in all honesty that’s just fine. The band no doubt has the sound, the skill and heart to stand out amongst the vast sea of darkened dreamy pop with the deeply personal and all around tragic lyrical musings from founder and vocalist Dominic Palermo and the albums songs are spaced out expertly enough to avoid similar sounding tracks and keep the listener entertained.

Here on their fourth album I was pleasantly surprised to hear some sounds…

The CMHC band released their first single for their upcoming EP “Beware Of Wisdom And War”

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Wisdom & War is a Central Mass. hardcore band based out of Worcester and they have garnered some decent amount of attention in their two years of existence. In 2019, the year of their inception, they played tons of local shows, even appearing at the Rock And Shock festival at the Worcester Palladium and even played a tour out West and around Texas in the winter of 2019 into 2020.

Their brand of hardcore mixes two genres that have for years within the underground music scene been chastised and kept guarded from ever mingling by gatekeepers and purveyors of the…

Tyler, The Creator’s seventh studio album is a masterful and self-aware outing that celebrates the artists metamorphosis over the last ten years

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Tyler, The Creator has never been afraid to step out of his comfort zone, he’s always been able to try new things with a certain amount of confidence that not many of his contemporaries are equipped with. To listen to his discography from his debut album Bastard to 2019’s IGOR is to watch the growth of not only an artist but a young man. He’s always been cryptic and outlandish but there’s no hiding anything with him, his life was always on full display for us all and that translated into some of the most incredibly honest lyrics we’ve heard…

This is the bands second single leading up to their debut album dropping on July 30th

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Section H8 is without a doubt one of my favorite bands doing it right now. They were already one of the most brooding and distinctly pissed off bands coming from LA out when they dropped Phase 1 two years ago and in that time their sound has truly ripened. They harken back to the classic hardcore blueprint but keep things absolutely brutal in both sound and lyricism.

The very idea of hardcore punk was to take everything that had influenced and happened in your life and express it through the hardest sounds you could create, to push the envelope and…

The Long Island emo/hardcore punk band could be the band this summer needs with their upcoming release on Triple B Records

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Hardcore punk and emo have been at odds with each other for decades. Even back when emocore was just beginning in the mid 1980s with D.C. bands like Embrace and Rites of Spring, the members of former hardcore bands decried the term even though their sound laid the blueprint for what became known as “emo.” By the early 2000s however “emo” was in the mainstream and every “real” rocker out there hated it, I vaguely remember some heavy bands wanting to host a “kill emo day” on June 6th, 2006 (6/6/06 get it?) and of course nothing happened. It’s safe…

The LA monsters dished out a killer track this week ahead of their next live show

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Section H8 is probably L.A.’s best hardcore band out right now. Made up of members of L.A. bands Human Garbage and Downpresser, they’re known for the combination of ferocity, grinding guitars and breakneck tempos but also disemboweling breakdowns. They’ve made their name with two releases, the Phase 1 EP and the “Winter Games” single both released in 2019. These releases helped establish them as one of the most brooding and indignant bands from the west coast.

Now in 2021, hot off the steam of their guerrilla-style show that took place last month before COVID restrictions were lifted Section H8 have…

The darkest NJ beatdown group is back with a new album

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One of the most terrifying bands from New Jersey, Departed have dropped a new album called Darkness Reigns and be sure to heed the title, this bands music dwells deep within the abyss and they expel that with ease. For the uninitiated, Departed play a style of metallic/beatdown hardcore that mixes in the dreadful and nihilistic aesthetic of black metal, would we call it blackened beatdown? I’m not sure.

What I can be certain of is that this band always intrigued me as they seemed like they had been around since even the early 2000s in both sound and presence…

The brutal San Fernando Valley band achieves their most crushing form on their third album and first release in 5 years

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God’s Hate is a band I’ve had a lengthy history listening to. I first encountered them when I spent an entire year listening to nothing but Bandcamp artists and they were one of the first I came across in those days. On my first listen of their 2014 EP Divine Injustice I can say as much as I enjoyed the heaviness the band always felt held back by something. There was definitely no shortage of skill in the band, that I knew from the get go. I just couldn’t fully sink my teeth into them like I did other bands…

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