If you like to see bands not taking themselves seriously then “Tortured Whole” is a disgusting good time for you!

Courtesy of Evil Greed

Stop joking about this bands name for a second and get into their outrageous and completely smoked out soundscape for a second. Sanguisugabogg is, as they describe themselves, a “drugged-out, down-tuned death metal” band from Columbus, Ohio who have made quite a name for themselves through their outlandish videos on social media and through the release of their 2019 EP Pornographic Seizures. Their sound is like what Metallica’s St. Anger would have sounded like if it was fed through a sewage runoff and honestly I’m pretty damn cool with that. …

Not a professional ranking just assuring people I do enjoy death metal

Some of these are bands I don’t like at all

I’ve talked a lot of trash about death metal recently and I feel like people will start to believe I hate death metal. I don’t hate death metal, I love it in fact. How could I resist nasty ass guitar riffs, blasphemous lyrics and at times grotesque artworks that offend Christian parents everywhere?

I am in fact very picky with my death metal because I feel it’s a bloated genre. So many bands sound the same and the trend of making clean sounding death metal records, you know the ones where the guitars are just too precise, makes me want…

Three-piece German noise rock band Trigger Cut’s new album serves up a lot of energy and fun to the genre’s landscape

Ralph, Matt and Dan of German noise rock collective Trigger Cut

Trigger Cut is a three piece noise rock/ punk group from Germany who have been playing shows for almost five years now and they released their debut album BUSTER in 2019. They come in with a pretty classic but also exceedingly more energetic sound for a band from the noise genre, they bring some serious heat to their songs and I can imagine a few good mosh pits happening when they kick off a show. Noise rock can always either drone on and be kind of boring (except for Swans, they’ll always be the kings) or it can be absolutely…

We’re all hoping to be able to see live music again and we’re all reminiscing about the last shows we went to. Here’s mine.

Legendary NYHC party band Murphy’s Law

Around this time a year ago we were all given the crushing news that everything was being shut down in compliance with COVID-19 guidelines in order to contain the virus. Restaurants and bars were closed down, shops were closed down, damn near everything was closed up and we were all ordered to remain inside except to work of course.

Going to shows was always more than just a great distraction for me, it was where I loved to let loose and expel any frustrations that were building up in my life from work, school and a somewhat chaotic personal life…

The New York hardcore noise/Industrial hip hop trio’s blistering new track is one of the best hardcore songs I’ve heard in years

New York noise/hardcore punk band Show Me The Body

Show Me The Body already have an established repertoire that I feel is done an injustice by my “watchlist” label but I had to write about them today. Their most recent track “Survival” has to be one of the best mixtures of industrial and hardcore punk since Al Jourgensen and Ministry threw “Stigmata” at us and we all lost our collective shits. What I’m saying is: this track is the only one that’s measured up to the energy burst I was given when I first heard “Stigmata.” …

Some speedy reviews to close out the week

I feel like a lot of music came out in the last few days and I never get a chance to review all of them. I try to keep up with it all but lack of focus really does a number on me being able to listen to and write a worthwhile review on new music. So, I’ve decided to cut the tree down with a chainsaw rather than an axe and speed round some reviews. Some of these may end up getting full reviews somewhere down the line. Anyway, here’s some recent releases reviewed in one sentence.

Albums & EP’s:

Charlotte Sands

The Minneapolis rap titan’s fan favorite track has been remastered and pressed to vinyl

Cover art for Atmosphere’s release of “God’s Bathroom Floor”

I remember as a teenage old-school rap fanatic utilizing an MP3 converter on my laptop to download “God’s Bathroom Floor” to my iTunes. The sound was grainy, Slug’s voice sounded like he was rapping under a blanket with a flashlight to illuminate his deep, poetic soliloquies to me. The jazzy backed beats were unlike any rap song I’d heard at the time. Sure I had heard jazz raps beforehand but this track simultaneously sounded like a band had recorded the song with them but I could also picture the producer in a dark studio looping the beat. It was lo-fi…

The Boston hardcore moshers just delivered one of the most politically relevant and punishing EP’s on Triple B Records

Boston hardcore newcomers Move have just released their debut EP Freedom Dreams on Triple B Records and the records sound and statements are some of the most poignant and timely for the current political climate. After the summer of 2020 was filled with news of protests across the globe in the wake of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor’s murders the media decided to end its coverage of the increasing racial tensions and the systematic oppression that lead to such protests. …

Two of the heaviest hitters from San Jose, CA come together for a crushing Split EP

Sunami / Gulch Split EP released by Triple B Records

Sunami and Gulch are two of San Jose’s finest bands right now, and they’ve been put on a record together FINALLY. Gulch are obviously known for their rabid fanbase of merch hoarders but also for their tunes, boasting a blend of blackened crust punk with hardcore riffage and bravado. All things considered with their sometimes insufferable fanbase, they continue to impress me with their dynamic musicianship and unavoidable ferocity and energy. Just when I think I’m out they pull me back in kicking and screaming.

Sunami on the other hand is a fairly straightforward barrage of beatdown stylized hardcore punk…

A deep dive into my psyche as a 17–19 year old footwear sales associate and the music that played in the store

As many American teenagers I worked in retail while I was in high school and in my first year of college and the experience wasn’t exactly amazing to say the least. I made almost no money and in my two years of employment only received a raise of 38 cents, bumping my hourly wage from $8/hour to $8.38/hour. I did work with some great people though and I suppose that made the experience worthwhile.

One thing that stands out in my mind whenever I look back on it was the generic music that played over the speakers of the store…

Ryan O'Connor

BA — Bridgewater State University, English Student w/ Minor in Latin American/Caribbean Studies Music journalist

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