• Rod Johnier

    Rod Johnier

    Philosophy academic, songwriter and pseudo poet — I write about my passions and my attempts to understand life’s true meanings.

  • Jamiethiers


    A lifelong learner, never regrets. Loving languages, sailing and cycling.

  • Milan Kordestani

    Milan Kordestani

    Milan Kordestani is a 22-year-old serial entrepreneur whose most notable startups include Guin Records, Dormzi, and The Doe.

  • MünD


    poet composer singer martial artist

  • Alexander Briseño

    Alexander Briseño

    I’m a guy whose head is full of music info, pop culture, and book jargon unhelpful in getting a job, so I write about it. Website: https://ablatinwordy.wixsite.

  • Faron Sage

    Faron Sage

    Socially-conscious writer & musician exploring pressing issues at the heart of 21st century life. Check out https://faronsage.org - music for a better world!

  • Rebecca Smart Bakken

    Rebecca Smart Bakken

    Rebecca is a tech entrepreneur driving change in the new music industry through innovative marketing strategies. Specialising in content marketing for musicians

  • The Duffer's Diary

    The Duffer's Diary

    Writer on mental health, parenting, politics, history and more generalized ranting at an indifferent universe. Sometimes funny.

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